GRAD European Centre for Culture and Debate

Also known as KC GRAD, opened on April 16, 2009, is a product of a joint initiative of the Cultural Front Belgrade and the Amsterdam Felix Meritis Foundation. KC Grad is situated in an old 1884 warehouse located in the very heart of Belgrade, on the banks of the Sava River. Area was than an old, neglected […]


is an independent cultural organization based in Vienna. It was established in 2013 as a platform for innovative cultural praxis, with the goal to support the cooperation between cultural groups from Austria and South-Eastern Europe. Such an interaction has the aim to increase the visibility of cultural variety in Austria today, where ethnic groups from […]

Akademija – The Centre for Graphic Art and Visual Research

Is a part of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and as a specialized and unique institution of its sort in the region, it has a significant role in the field of printmaking and new visual media. This special segment of the Faculty of Fine Arts was created as a response to the needs […]

Gallery B2

Was founded in 2018 with the aim to cooperate with carefully selected artists with clear program profile. Their idea is to be the link between artists and collectors, adhering to the highest quality as a starting point,aiming to expand our business to a regional and international level. Exhibiting is organized through competitions and by invitation.They […]

Blatobran Creative Center

Was founded in 2007 as an open platform for artists and designers to network in their use of predominantly ceramics, but also of other media of artistic expression. The artists grouped under the Blatobran banner share the common mission of educating the public and building awareness of the importance of art and of design in […]


The Club of Lovers of Heavy Industry and Art started to work in 2013 as a creative center in the former factory-brick factory “Trudbenik”. It is the studio of sculptor Viktor Kish – the conceptual creator, cafe-gallery “Ciglana” and a large “Art Depo” gallery. In her work to date, Ciglana has brought together creative and […]

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Established as an information and cultural centre, the Cultural Centre of Belgrade all these years it has been changing its role, expanding its fields of activity and participating actively in presenting and creating of cultural and art programmes and planning cultural activity in Serbia and Europe. Numerous programmes originally created and organized at the Cultural […]


Is an art & music venue dedicated to contemporary art creations and diffusion of innovative concepts. Since it’s opening in February 2019, Dim regularly hosts local DJs, live concerts, concerts of classical music, Neue music, drag shows, dance performances, performance artist and visual artists, trying to reinstate the habit of visiting live performances in intimate […]

Eugster || Belgrade

Aims to represent the most relevant contemporary art from the south east of Europe. The gallery explores the diverse local identities in mutual correspondence and in dialog with international artistic practices, global events and urgent topics. Being set in the center of former Yugoslavia, the focus is placed on the new ways in which art […]

The Art Gallery Exchange Office / Goethe-Institute Belgrade

Since 2016, the Goethe-Institute has been operating the art gallery „Exchange Office“ within its library space. The gallery consequently represents the contemporary art positions and artists that connects Serbian and German art scenes in various ways. In Belgrade, the Goethe-Institute has been founded in 1970. Since 1983, the Institute has been based in Knez Mihailova […]

Faculty of Philosophy – University of Belgrade

Founded in 1838, is the oldest and most prominent institution of higher education in Serbia and among the oldest in the South-Eastern Europe.Today it is a modern school in compliance with contemporary trends in European academic space and upholding a high standard of academic excellence. It employs 255 teaching staff and has approximately 6000 undergraduate […]

Gallery Grad

Was founded in 2009 as an integral part of Grad European centre for culture and debate. Established with an aim of promoting local contemporary art scene Gallery Grad has never undergone any specialization, maintaining openness for presentation of all dominate artistic genres, from visual to applied arts, and from design to contemporary theatre. However, opening […]

Hestia Art Residency & Exhibitions Bureau

Is bureau for art, platform for geopolitical crossings, and space where artists are invited to spend some time in Belgrade (between one and three months). Residents are encouraged and supported to work on their projects during that time, from formal theoretical research to production of new works. Library with various books and professional magazines, available […]

The Cervantes Institute

In Belgrade is an institution founded by the Spanish Government in 1991 to promote the Spanish language and the spread of Spanish and Spanish-speaking countries culture. The institution’s central headquarters are in Madrid and Alcalá de Enares, the birthplace of the writer Miguel de Cervantes. The Cervantes Institute is present worldwide in more than 90 […]


Or Catch22 is a group of young creatives who in the summer of 2015 started adapting abandoned public-owned building with intention to use it as a over needed space for creating and exhibiting art and other content. After 4 years of renovation (still ongoing) Kvaka22 is organising a versatile program witch spans from exhibitions and […]

Laufer Gallery

After attaining a degree at the Sorbonne, David Laufer, a Swiss National, lived and worked in Paris, New York, Istanbul, Belgrade and Lausanne, before relocating to Belgrade with his family. This move reflects his confidence in the maturity and potential of the region, and his commitment to its artists. Laufer’s involvement in the art scene began when […]

The Warehouse Macura

The Warehouse Macura, like the museum itself, is named after its owner Vladimir Macura, and it was conceived as a place for archiving a wide variety of artworks. Besides the artistic exhibits and exhibitions, there are also the various cultural performances.The Macura Musseum is initially an institution entrusted with the task of preserving, studying and […]


In order to examine the possibility of organizing the production process in a way that could achieve greater economic (and therefore social) equality, in 2017, an experimental manufacturing facility was launched by a group of artists, activists and scientists dedicated to developing and employing affordable technologies for processing waste plastics, whose work could involve some […]

Cultural center Magacin / MKM

Is a space dedicated to art, culture and sociability. Through an open calendar model, Magacin is available for hundreds of users who together contribute to the conservation and enhacement of space and its increasing visibility and importance. At the same time, it is becoming a place where a community is expanding on a daily basis […]

The Museum of Contemporary Art 

In Belgrade was opened on October 20th 1965. However, Museum activities began as early as 1958, with the establishment of the Modern Gallery, an institution the purpose of which was to supervise the development of contemporary art in Yugoslavia. An open competition for the project of new building was announced in 1960, and architects Ivan Antić and Ivanka Raspopović won the competition. After the construction of […]

Gallery Novembar

Is a contemporary art gallery which offers innovative, high‐quality art produced by established, emerging as well as newly discovered artists coming from Serbia and the Balkan Region. The gallery is set up as a vital platform for critical thinking across different art media, disciplines, cultures and contexts. Using art and its presentation as a tool […]


Is located at Kraljevića Marka 8, as a part of the Magacin Cultural Center, specific and innovative space in its way of functioning. The idea is that Ostavinska is used in the same way as the rest of the Magacin, and it is not only intended for the visual arts, so it can carry out […]


Located in the rustic surrounding of the old Belgrade Beer Factory, Polet was founded with the idea to open its door to talented artists in various fields, from music, painting, literature, through theater and film, to science, to support and empower artists and to bring them closer to the audience through various cultural and artistic […]

Remont – Independent Artistic Association

Since its founding in October 1999, Remont – Independent Artistic Association has positioned itself as a recognizable physical and mental space, continuously working on the development and promotion of contemporary art practices in Serbia. Although the broader public is mostly familiar with its gallery program, Remont is much more than that. Through a wide range […]

Gallery RIMA

Founded in 2008 Gallery RIMA is presently one of the most active and prestigious private galleries in Serbia. It realises its exhibition and accompanying programmes in two gallery locations and in two cities – Belgrade and Kragujevac. Gallery RIMA has been focused on twentieth and twenty–first art and artists from Serbia and the broader region […]

Singidunum Gallery

Opened in 1980, is located in Knez Mihailova Street, in the heart of Belgrade`s cultural, tourist and business events. The citizens viewed the opening of a gallery whose name linked Belgrade to its ancient roots, as enhancing the city’s core by positively interweaving and binding visual arts from the fields of applied arts and design […]

The Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art

In Belgrade was inaugurated in the Spring of 1961 under the name of Modern Gallery. It was the first gallery in Belgrade with permanent exhibition activity and clearly defined conception. The Salon’s exhibition practice was at all times centered on younger artists and the latest tendencies in the art-world, as well as on presenting the work of prominent foreign artists. […]

TransformArt Gallery

Is a contemporary art gallery for artists by artists which collect, exhibit, display and make accessible contemporary art for everyone and anyone. They provide a space and place, a reason to think, question and dialogue, to create a basis for an intentional community, through exhibitions, events, education, multi-media projects, festivals, workshops and information, but also […]

U10 Art Space

Is an independent artist-run space dedicated to supporting contemporary art founded in 2012 in Belgrade. It was founded with the purpose to be a platform where young local artists would be shown. The first exhibition titled 10+1 opened the space to the Belgrade public with an appeal to novel and quality contemporary art. A self-organized […]

ULUPUDS Small Gallery

Is a gallery for works in the field of applied and fine arts with oft-changing exhibitions. ULUPUDS opened this gallery in 1969. All exhibitions are organized by the members of the Serbian Society of Applied Art, and you can find anything from unique ceramics, sculptures, lighting fixtures, paintings, prints, icons, painted textiles, jewellery, souvenirs, etc. 


Belgrade based X VITAMIN gallery is founded and run by two art professionals – Ksenija Marinković, curator and Mića Stajčić, artist, started in 2017. Gallery is located downtown, in the most popular touristic area in the city. Placed inside the XIX century building which revels unique charm of old times, belonging to the period of […]

Art Gallery Zvono

Program of Art Gallery Zvono focuses primarily on the young artists, entering the art scene. The exhibition plan has been designed and articulated to give affirmation to the contemporary artistic tendencies and the modern expression presented in visual arts. The gallery has succesfully been working on the local art scene for 26 years, having realised […]